Job Opportunities

We have a number of open positions at Bloopville and are constantly expanding our amazing staff. Our motto is to work hard, play hard, and live for the game. If this sounds like the perfect description of your work ethic, please get in touch with us and tell us how you can contribute to the team. We’ll be happy to get in touch if we find that you could be a good fit for our company.



If your strong suit is making things look good instead of building the foundation for assets, this is your best option.



If you are able to design cartoony 3D assets in relation to the game's environment and you are able to build large areas in the same style. This job is for you.



If you've mastered ROBLOX Lua and you are looking to learn some new things and put them to use, this job is for you.

Graphic Artist


If you are great with people and you have connections with

influencers or companies, this is the job for you.